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Day & night blinds offer a modern take on a roller blind; chic and stylish these blinds offer a perfect way to balance privacy and light control.

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Day & Night Blinds: innovative two layered design

The translucent voile of these two-layered design blinds allows light through whilst the bold fabric strip gives an attractive look to your window. Both layers operate independently of each other to create different day time and night time effects.

From a striped pattern that provides privacy and light, to completely closed as the layers line up to give full privacy, day & night blinds can also roll up fully during the day when you want as much daylight into your room as possible.

VM Blinds day & night blinds come with a high-quality collection of closed cassettes, with fabric covering the front of the cassette.

These blinds will transform the way you enjoy sun, privacy and shade in your home.

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