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Our faux wood blinds are made from hardwearing PVC with the authentic look and feel of a real wood blind.

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Faux Wood: the ideal option for bathrooms or kitchens

Faux wood blinds are water resistant making them the ideal option for any bathroom or kitchen where there is a lot of moisture present. These blinds will not warp or crack if they get wet.

With the appearance of real wood blinds, our stylish faux wood venetian blinds are not only a cost-effective option, but are durable and easy to maintain, just give them a quick dust over.

They are made from composite PVC, which is very strong and hardwearing. Our blinds are crafted to the highest standards from quality materials; your blinds will continue looking their best long into the future.

VM Blinds faux wood blinds are available with a 50mm slat allowing for light and privacy.  They are available in a choice of colours, which can be coordinated with different tape options.


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