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Shutters are a stylish and versatile option as they are available in a range of colours and can be made to fit any size window or door. Whether you enjoy contemporary modern living, have a period home or a cool city pad, we can help find a stunning shutter to meet your specific needs.

Our shutters collection includes an extensive colour palette with a huge choice of gorgeous painted, stained, and natural finishes. If you prefer to create your own style or if you're looking for a specific colour, choose a custom colour option and explore tones that suit your taste.

We also provide the ideal solution for awkward or unusual shaped windows as our shutter can be made to perfectly fit almost any form. From arched to hexagonal or circular to triangle - and anything in between!


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Why choose shutters?

Light Control

Shutters give you great light control within your home. Louvres can be adjusted to filter in as much light or as little light as you wish.


Not only do shutters reduce noise from the outside, they also act as a second layer over your window to help retain heat within your home, and save on the energy bills.


Shutter louvres can be adjusted to ensure you can still filter the light without compromising your privacy.


All our shutters are made to measure, ensuriing a perfect fit every time and making them compltely bespoke to your property.


On top of all the performance features, shutters are an elegant window covering that works timelessly with all styles and tastes.

Choosing a Shutter

That's right for you

Our shutters are tailor made to your individual taste and requirments. Our expertise means we can create the perfect shutter for pretty much any shaped window we come across, be it large, small, contemporary or period.


Lourve Sizes

The size of your window will dictate the size of the lourves suitable for your shutters. The bigger your window, the bigger your lourves will need to be. Lourves come in 47mm, 63mm, 76mm, 89mm and 114mm slat widths.

Tilt Options

We have three options for you to filter the light. These are:

-Central fixed tilt rod

-Offset fixed tilt rod

-Easy tilt - our completely hidden tilt system

Custom Colour Service

We have an extensive colour palette across our shutter range. If you're looking for a bespoke colour, our custom colour matching service will be able to create shutters that match it perfectly.

Colour Options

See our selection of availble colours here in this handy PDF.

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